To place an order, please follow these steps :

1. Send an e-mail to the following e-mail adress:
2. To help us find you exactly what you are looking for, please specify in your e-mail the kind of mineral, his physic aspect (cut or not), approximate dimensions, weight (optionnal, except for gemstones), general aspect (color grade, with or without inclusion, minerals or stones associated, for example, almandine garnet in paragneiss).
3. For cut stones, specify the kind of cut wanted and minimals inclusions grade accepted, for example, octogone cut emerald with minimal opacity SI.
4. Please mention a maximum value in order to precise your request.

After receiving an message from you with all the informations mentionned below, we will send you a e-mail confirmation including the estimate time concerning your request. Then, if you agree with the estimate time, just answer by e-mail to authorise us to continue to search for you what you are looking for. When the research is over, you will receive a PDF text of selected stones, their features and prices. Then, you will be able to choose your stone that we will be glad to order for you.

Here are two examples of order (for both kind of stone) and an estimate of time before you receive a list of selected stones:

-I am looking for a colombian dark green emerald, emerald size. I don’t care about dimension but it weight must not be less than two carats. If it’s possible, I would like to have a minimum opacity of VS but I would accept the grade SI1. I do not want to pay more than $4 000 for that emerald.
– Answer: Hello, concerning your request, the estimate time would be one week.

– I would like to order a matrix with black spinels totaly cristallized. A picture attached to my message shows you the degree of cristallization I want. I don’t care about the matrix as long as we can see the cristals very well because I would like to put on display this matrix. I don’t want to pay much more than $70 for this matrix.
Answer: Hello, concerning your request, the estimate time would be three days.

Important information concerning the transaction for stones selected: a fraction of price is required before we buy the article for you, in order to protect ourselves in case of cancellation.

Therefore, for a $200 order an less, 25% of the intial price will be required. For a $200.01 order up to $500, 35% will be required, for a $500.01 order up to $850, 45% will be required. For a $850.01 order up to $1 400, 60% will be required. For a $1 400.01 order up to $5 000, 75% will be required. For a $5 000.01 order up to $12 000, 85% will be required and 95% will be required for an order costing more $12 000.

For a matter of safety, no order will be accepted without using Paypal. Any money tranfer to our account will have to be done via Paypal in two payments ( the first one which correspond to a fraction of the initial price (as indicated above) and a final payment when the transaction will be settled.

Here is a list of minerals which are not offered by Rocherche. Take note that this list can be modified anytime:


Minerals or matrix with minerals whose radioactive dose is more than 0,3 micro S/h

Moreover, we reserve the right to refuse without prior notice any unrealistic request, for example: a request for 1 karat benitoite cut and untreated with clarity VVS for $150. In that case, a refusal message will be sent to the requisitioner.