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The WordPress theme that makes building websites a breeze

Easy Content Templates

imgThe Breeze theme comes with 5 beautiful “content template” layouts which help your content look clean and professional right from the editor interface. A huge time saver!
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Unique Widget Styles

imgThe Breeze theme advances WordPress by giving you control over each individual widget’s style. Got something you want to make stand out in your sidebar? It’s only a single click away.
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Slideshows Anywhere

imgBreeze has a built “Slideshows” custom post type, allowing you to compose as many sliders as you wish, using various effects, transitions, and mixed content types.
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Easy Tabs and Toggles

imgOften times, you have a lot to say, but don’t want your content to get crowded. Breeze has built in tabs and toggle elements that help to alleviate this problem.
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