• Minerals: Semseyite with siderite and sphalerite
    Dimensions: (63.71×65.43×95.22) mm
    Weight: 312g
    Origin: Herja mine, Roumania
    Information: The Herja mining site consists of two groups of veins related with a subvolcanic body of pyroxene andesites and porphyritic quartz microdiorite. In these groups, the polymetallic mineralized veins contains a wide variety of Pb-Sb sulphosalts and is the type locality for fizelyite and a variety of jamesonite. The mineralization occurs into various textures: massive, banded, brecious to impregnation and geode. The most frequent one are the massive and geode textures. Antimony mineralization is often found in these geodes.
    Price : 85$