As a web business allowing to order  a mineral matrix, we are looking only for the best and above all, authenticity at the lowest price for our customers. That’s why we offer the possibility to everyone to become one of our suppliers.


However, we have definite policies concerning sale of minerals. To become a Rocherche’s supplier, you must follow these steps:


  • Do not offer any minerals coming from zones of conflict or connected to any forms of human abuse.

  • Always provide the original site of the mineral and, if possible, geological descriptions of the sampling place.

  • To comply with the list of the minerals not offered by our company (see customized order). An exception can be made for gold if it comes from Canada/ United States.

  • To use Paypal online payment platform for all transactions with our company.

  • Always include a minimum of two pictures of the mineral and its dimensions.


If you agree with those terms, you can send us a message including your lists of your specimens to this e-mail address: . Please note that we prefer minerals of rare soils, uncommom crystallizations and minerals from unusual sites, for example: a quartz geode that comes from a carbonatite. In this case, you must send us pictures of the sampling site and of the geological formation.